Little Glam Readers

Little Glam Readers officially started their book club today. The club was started by Indiya Brooks, 8, Chicago, Il and Journee Jones, 6, Memphis, TN. The two girls are cousins who like most little girls in their age group love to play dress up, model and present shows to family and friends, but for this unique duo reading and writing is just as much fun. They love to read and  write! Often times you will find them writing songs to perform, creating stories and plans for their shows. They are also pen pals. Indiya presented the idea late June in her lofty list of things to do for the summer of 2015. Of course the two Little Glam Readers have similar interest but their skill set differs due to their ages and grade levels.

Indiya’s Pick

Hey L’il D! Take the Court (encourages all 2-4 graders to join her).

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Journee’s Pick

What’s The Big Idea Molly (encourages pre-k-1 graders to join her).


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In addition to starting the book club the name was established, reading logs/journals were made and personalized book mark making took place at their first meeting. Girls will share commentary on their reading weekly.

Reading Rocks! Smart girls read! Brains, Brawn and Beauty!

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