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Library Work, 9/27-10/1

October 1, 2010 // Literacy

Shelving, shelving and more shelving. I got more acquainted with Dewey this week. Throughout this week I shelved more books than I can count. My week began with reorganizing the Professional section of the library. As I pulled books I ended up with several books from every section and found my self working in every…

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Library Work, 9/20-9/24

September 24, 2010 // Literacy

In addition to documenting damaged equipment in the library this week, I spent time getting my practice in as a Circulation Librarian. Thank God we have come a long way since the days of Charles Folsom. Many teachers had students check out popular books (The Giver, The House of Dies Drear , The Outsiders,Dracula etc.)…

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Collection Management & Organization, Day 2

September 18, 2010 // Literacy

Today in class I gathered a great volume of information. We discussed jobbers, orders and acquisitions. We completed a Marc Template after exploring different MARC records from various types of libraries in the country. I also learned that I will be researching Charles Folsom in addition to presenting on information on school library circulation. In…