3 thoughts on “The Battle of Jericho Reflections”

  1. I really love this book. My favorite character in this book is Dana; I didn't think that the Warriors of Distinction were being fair to Dana for standing up for what she believes in. I really didn’t like Jericho at the beginning because he did things that he knew would make him feel uncomfortable. I was happy when Jericho finally was able to ask Arielle out. Josh and November have a weird relationship. Dana and Kofi really didn’t make a good couple to me at first. I was really emotionally at the end of the story with what happen the Warriors of Distinction. It was just so sad when it happen it made me cry for hours. And if you want to know what I’m talking about read the book it’s really good.

  2. I think the battle of Jericho is a good book it had a lot of action in it. I couldn’t believe they actually did all those pledge activities. I couldn’t believe that Josh died either. It was the worst part of the book. Dana was a pledge and Eddie was doing her so wrong. Josh’s parents were having trouble coping. Jericho and November was having a hard time with his death to. Everyone had a hard time with Josh’s death. Pledging was a mistake from the pledge activates to the death of Josh Prescott. Over all I liked the book and hope to read more books like it with a moral to the story.

  3. The battle of Jericho is a really fun novel to read. It tells a moral. like dont do what others do. This book really interests me because its about trying to be something you're not and it's also about courage. I like Dana because she gave in courage. I dont like how Josh had died.I wish he didnt but this is the way how the author wrote it.

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