Copper Sun

Reflections on Copper Sun, January Selection

Join us Well-Read Chiefs’ Book Club, Monthly Book Club Meeting Tuesday January 31, 2:30 PM, Well-Read Chiefs’ Cafe, Craigmont High Library

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Upcoming Special Event: Join us, Well-Read Chiefs’ Book Club Friday, February 3, 8am Well-Read Chiefs’ Cafe, Craigmont High Library for our second RIF Distribution for the 2011/12 school year. Book Club members, parents, faculty and staff will distribute a free book (2nd book)to all tenth graders (that attend Craigmont). Entertainment and refreshments will be available. This will be another Red Carpet Reading Event! Join us as we celebrate Black History and the Love of Literacy. Special Guest Speaker will be former Craigmont student playwright/producer and upcoming media mogul Nadia Matthews of Lily Roze Studios Let us read you were there.

We encourage you to get involved. Leave a comment, post your reflections and/or views on the selected title. Suggested titles are welcome.

~Literacy is Life~ Live!

Jeanine Jones

One thought on “Copper Sun”

  1. When I first open this book, it captured my interest. This book tells a story based on a girl in the 17th century. It actually allowed me to understand her feelings. She had a perfect life and everything but just because of someone's else greediness, her whole village was destroyed.she was abused and probably everything you can name on the list. If I were in her place, I would have probably given up already, but she didn't she wanted to, but she didn't. ~ One of the best books I read

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