Author Shelia Lipsey Visits Craigmont High

shelialipseyAuthor Shelia Lipsey will be visiting Craigmont High School for our Writers in Winters Series, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 9am-1:30pm. English classes are invited to attend. She will be speaking throughout the day in the library about her young adult novel House of Cars. Please review her brief bio, summary and reviews at before the visit. Books will be available for only $6.00 dollars for students and teachers.

About House of Cars

Fourteen year old high school freshman Nyl Person is the boy every freshman girl at Fairley High would like to call boyfriend. He is popular, cute and one of the leading players on the high school varsity basketball team. Sierra James with her thick locks of natural hair and the captain of the Fairley High cheerleading squad, is pretty, smart and the most popular girl in ninth grade, and she has a mission to make Nyl her boyfriend. Nyl likes her too and would jump at the chance to have Sierra as his girlfriend. But it isn’t so easy for Nyl because he has a secret that no one at Fairley knows about which is Nyl, his little sister and his father have practically been living in the family Yukon since the death of his mom. What will happen if his secret comes out? What will he do? What about the girl he wants to make his girlfriend, Sierra James. Can she fall for a homeless boy when she practically lives in the lap of luxury?Read House of Cars by Author Shelia Lipsey to find out.

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