Wow WAW! What A Weekend!

Wow WAW! What an awesome weekend it has been! It started out with a star studded performance from overly energized school girls of the Richland Elementary Dance Company, featuring yours truly Little Ms. Jounree Jones. She did a beautiful ballet number teaching us the positions of ballet with her group. Then, she tapped it out in another number that dazzled the audience, well maybe just her family. I tend to be bias, she is my daughter and I am so much enjoying this journey with her. I was a calm backstage mom. Before the ballet we watched her older brother and other training life guards act out saving a life, how comical that was. I love Theater! After the recital we headed home to a house filled with family. Oh, I forgot to mention I had a surprise visit from my first baby girl/baby sister, my heart and her two children, my Niecey Pooh and Nephew. They snuck in on us. Friday Night was a Blast.


Saturday morning started with a fantastic God-filled Prayer Breakfast hosted by Ms. Jaria Sharkey, My Leading Young Lady Founder. The Spirit of the Lord was oh so present. I was cleansed and replenished to continue his work. Oh the power of prayer! We prayed incessantly  for : families and children, the education system,  city, state and federal government, youth/family organizations and churches. Ladell Beamon was the key note speaker. My, my, my, such food for thought he left us with.


That afternoon, along with other librarians and family and friends of the memorialized I celebrated the 75-yes 75 year life of a great woman and fellow librarian. The pastor gave a great analogy of her life as it relates to the task of librarian. Of course she loved to read so perhaps her favorite book was the bible, she detested ignorance so she taught, she had an expiration date like the books she checked out, only we know when books have to be returned to the library  its rightful owner. She was only on loan to us for a lifetime of 75 years and now she is with her rightful owner for an eternity.


Saturday evening I took the boys (sons and nephews) to experience Uniform Justice, a Memphis GunDown event/play that teaches via Theatre. What an enriching production and necessary for our community, especially young black males. Thought provoking and Action evoking. Check it out today for free.


Today is Sunday, and Iplan on  going to church with extended and immediate family. Then I’m going to see my God-son in Shrek. I hear he’s amazing! There goes that bias again. Come check out  Shrek the Musical under the direction of the fabulous Julie Watson. The production is at 3pm today at Ridgeway High School.  Did I mention I love Theatre! Hope to see you there.


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For now spring into a good book. I picked up Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton while sitting in a Walgreen’s Pharmacy awaiting an asthma pump for my oldest son who had an attack in the middle of the night. As I sat there I started to read it and could relate. So I purchased it. After the visit to the ER and Pharmacy I got home and continued reading. That was on a Wednesday night transitioning into Thursday morning, Those of you that truly know me know I still went to work that morning. Lo and behold on my way into Journee’s dance recital Friday, I was offered a leadership position with a little extra change. Look at God!


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