Library Work, 9/27-10/1

Shelving, shelving and more shelving. I got more acquainted with Dewey this week. Throughout this week I shelved more books than I can count. My week began with reorganizing the Professional section of the library. As I pulled books I ended up with several books from every section and found my self working in every collection. I also continued my work of removing fines. I assisted a teacher(Band) with a printing job. We had extened home room this week.My home room students were exposed to the “We the People” exhibit that is on display in the library. The students also got a chance to learn and explore the Dewey Classification system.

Library Work, 9/20-9/24

In addition to documenting damaged equipment in the library this week, I spent time getting my practice in as a Circulation Librarian. Thank God we have come a long way since the days of Charles Folsom. Many teachers had students check out popular books (The Giver, The House of Dies Drear , The Outsiders,Dracula etc.) that were in our class set section. Mid week I completed inventory sheets for damaged materials and assisted in completing a work order for the library printers that had a malfunction. I delivered a book receipt to a student’s class due to delayed printing issues. Examining the “We the People Book Shelf” was the highlight of my work in the library this week. Interesting enough, that I came up with several ideas and shared them with my school’s Library Information Specialist and mentor, on how to expose our school’s stakeholders to the fascinating resources that we have acquired as a result of a grant. I envision forming a book club to examine all 17 books this year. This can be accomplished via various platforms. One way is to solicit 17 teachers to choose a title from the collection to explore as a class. Other concepts would be to form a book club among students, or use the rich resources for the fall or spring Think Show (formerly known as Student Exhibition)project. I will share other ideas as the year unfolds. I tested a CD/cassette player that I thought would be written up as damaged because it was so old, so I thought we should get rid of it. To my surprise the LIS said we would keep it(if it works) even if it is very old, because we still have a collection of cassettes with good information. “Wu la”, I pressed play and it worked, so we kept it. This task sparked another idea, “Music in the Library” as I shelved books and listened to Ray Charles sing Georgia and other tunes. My week in the library concluded waiving fines via the Atriuum system. Although it was a very busy week it was most rewarding.

Collection Management & Organization, Day 2

Today in class I gathered a great volume of information. We discussed jobbers, orders and acquisitions. We completed a Marc Template after exploring different MARC records from various types of libraries in the country. I also learned that I will be researching Charles Folsom in addition to presenting on information on school library circulation. In the process of searching for vendors via Ingram (, Baker and Taylor,Follet, Ritten House, Emory Pratt and I reviewed pertinent data for the acquisition process by practicing with titles from the 100 picture books every one should know list. This session was very informative.