Library Work, 10/25-10/29

The beginning of the week was rather slow. I continued with my project of organizing the reference section of my school’s library. I was referred to a student and an exceptional education assistant by the LIS for an audio recording of Monster,which I have in my classroom library. The school library owns the book but not the audio. I was excited to help, and happy that the student, LIS, and assistant approached me for resources that could help a student in need. At the end of the week as the student council members prepared for a trip to a nearby dare care (under the supervision of their sponsor, & LIS) to host a Halloween party for Daycare Goer’s,I continued shelving and organizing the reference section. As the LIS directed student’s to get dressed in their costumes, the DECA members and sponsors came in to prepare for their event. The DECA Club hosted their induction ceremony in the library as well. I am in the 900’s now. Hopefully my project will be completed soon.

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