Literary History Makers & Risk Takers, Where Do I Fit In?

 Hear Her Speak

Still writing,
                          Always perfect timing,

Yesterday, tomorrow and today….
Literary History Makers   
Ego Trippers and Risk Takers,
              Phenomenal Women and Activist
                                                    Use powerful words as fist to win
                                                          Where do you fit in?

Find your place, post a comment. Leave your mark in history. Youth… Speak to me… 

5 thoughts on “Literary History Makers & Risk Takers, Where Do I Fit In?”

  1. I am an educator who teaches the youth of tomorrow about the history makers of yesterday. Connecting past to present and present to future is a never ending lesson. If our youth don't see themselves in tomorrow, there won't be one. That's where I fit in.

  2. i seen maya angelou, and i fit into the literary history makers because i think outside the box and lead others by my choice of words just as she did.

  3. The Only person i seen was Maya Angelou and were i fit into the literary history is because i always respect and have a positive affect on others.

  4. I am a high school student that has realized that the world is ever changing, and I must go with the flow without losing myself in the river. History is continuously being written, and, just as everyone else, I will always be learning and contributing to it every day.

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