Library Work, 10/04-10/8

This week we had a short school week as a result of the short fall break that all can appreciate thus far in the in the school year, ending the first nine week marking period and half of the first semester. Library work this brief week entailed the continuous process of re-shelving books to the appropriate shelves, assisting the school librarian with preparation of a field trip for the school leadership team to attend the National Civil Rights Museum, Public Forum.

After the school leadership team departed with the librarian, I was honorably mistaken for the school librarian by an MCS worker who informed me that he would be updating the wireless connection in the library. He asked “Are you the library person”? I smiled and said no I am just assisting her right now, and asked him if I could help him with anything (as if I could he was tech savvy, enough so to be installing a wireless system) during my time of service in the library for that period. He did not really need my help so I politely continued shelving after he was set up at a computer work station.

I also learned how the librarian handles gift items to the school’s collection. She basically has a form to be completed for each donor. Then the items are review and researched for appropriates for patrons and the environment. If the items are found to be suitable they are processed via Atriuum and added to the book holdings and listed at no cost. The school librarian did admit that gifted items can be a headache.

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