Library Work, 10/11-10/15

My task this week in the library was to re shelve books in the Fiction, Reference and Biography sections. While working in the Reference section I learned that it was not very organized. I asked the LIS about it and she said it had been that way since she had been at the school. She figured the rationale for the disorder was due to book size, and that is why the previous LIS had it that way. All of the shelves are the same size so she left it that way. During my work in the library there was quite a bit of activity, and the LIC was utilized well. There were two classes there, a senior class working on their. Capstone projects and a class of freshmen who were brought in by their English teacher for an orientation to the LIC. I attempted to show the LIS and one of the teachers a video on that would aide in their presentation, but our technology was not suitable to accommodate the idea.I assisted the LIS with a printer issue, between the both of us we figured it out. A student came in after school for help with a Power Point Project on the book Monster, which I assigned and teach every year. I was delighted to help him in the library setting.

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