Kimberly Elkins Harville

About the Author

Kimberly Elkins Harville is an educator, author and photographer. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from Tennessee State University with both a Bachelor and Master’s degree of Science. She currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee; is married, and has four children.

Writing children books has been a lifelong passion of hers and she was inspired to write this book after observing her daughter admire other pretty girls. Her daughter confided in her that she wasn’t pretty and that the other girls were better and prettier. With this being said, she reflected back on her own childhood and conversations with close friends that shared the same intimate thoughts. If this was her story and her daughters, it surely was someone else’s.

Books by Kimberly Elkins Harville

Beautiful Brown Boys is a book that embraces loving one’s self. It’s a reminder that God made each of us uniquely and intentionally just the way we are.

Beautiful Brown Girls is a journey of self discovery and simply about loving yourself for how you were created. It is based on a compelling feeling that is shared by many brown girls; Am I just as beautiful?

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