Step Show: ZADS Big Sisters Series #1

Step Show: ZADS Big Sisters Series #1

Zola Bluebanks, Akisha Pinkston, Deltina Redman, Sirhena Golden and Meisha Nuesome are not too thrilled about being college roommates. They are the big sisters of the ZADS (Zanette, Akisha, Deltina, Sirhona and Meosha, We Can All Decorate the Same Tree) Christmas Club, and likewise they are always competing. The drama unfolds when they are forced to spend their first semester as college freshmen dorm mates on the campus of Harvward, the most prestigious HBCU in existence.  Unsurprisingly, they all join a different sorority. Pledging, boys, love, relationships and female catty conflicts contribute to the rivalry among the girls. But the big step show will prove who is best. Or will it? These not too far from high school girl beauty, now college girl cuties share a very enlightening and enriching story; that relates to diversity and common ground of African American females (but can be enjoyed by all). Hopefully, they will come to some resolve on how they approach family, peers, inner race relations and sisterhood as well as race relations in general. Will this step show rivalry continue, or will the girls of dorm room A207 realize sisterhood is not all about stepping and chanting, and stepping is about more than just stepping.

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