On the Ninth Day of Black History…..28 days of Black History Excerpt

On the Ninth Day of Black History…..
Alicia Keys

Billie Holiday
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My Blackness gave to me the gift of song via Be-Bop, Hip-Hop, 
The Gospel of Mahalia Jackson crooning over the troubles of the world,

Lift Every Voice and Sing!
Ella scatting, Bassie & Coltrane and all that Jazz
Leontyne Price and Marion Anderson’s Opera-sweet and nice,
Billie Holiday’s Blues lamenting over lynched lives,
Rock and Roll Soul thrives-with the God Father J.B.
Before long the Motown sound came about
Rhythm and Blues gave way to countless tunes
Following the blueprint of Curtis Blow’s aptitude to flow
Big Tif, Mc Lyte, Eric B. & Rakim came to rock the show
The King of  Pop dropped groundbreaking charts and reigned royalty with the sound of immortality
Prince serenaded us with soft and high controversial vocals that made some fuss

The Queen of soul made way for the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Ms. Mary J.

Alicia Keys used her vocal instrument and tools combined with the ivories of the keyboard and the musical master has had masses Falling every since
Neo Soul, old soul with a new twist and strong hold was next to unfold  
Spittin Baduizm, and Jilly from Philly’s poetic libretto’s,  India Arie, Angie Stone, Kindred the Family Soul & on and on the microphone won’t rest with new comer’s Coming From Where I’m From Anthony Hamilton Neo Soul’s son,  Jasmine Sullivan and Ledisi
Music is so much more than a beat

1. What African-American singer/musician inspires you the most? Why?
2. What is your favorite genre of music and why?
3. What is your favorite song?

3 thoughts on “On the Ninth Day of Black History…..28 days of Black History Excerpt”

  1. Billie Holiday herself is actually an inspiration because she has been through the struggle most people, that I know, have been through, and for her to become successful, anyone can become successful. My favorite genre of music is R&B because, in my opinion, that's the type of music that has the most emotions in it, and it’s not all about dirty dancing; it's actually talking about something. My favorite song is a song called Doing It Wrong by Drake because I went through a break up and that song pretty much related to how I was feeling.

  2. I don't have a favorite African American singer. My favorite singer is Will Pugh of the band Cartel because his singing style conveys the emotions I sought out to hear in the way I wanted to hear them. My favorite genre of music is rock. Guitars just seduce my ears and I wouldn't have it any other way. Additionally, the vocals of the people behind the mic do not just grab my attention, but they envelop it completely. My favorite song is Deep South by Cartel.

  3. Tupac Shakur inspires me the most because he talks about his real life situations and speaks the truth about the things that happened in his life.

    My favorite genre of music is Hip Hop/Rap because most of the time they talk about how hard it really is to survive in the real world.

    My Favorite song is Not Afraid by Eminem because he was saying he is not afraid to face the situations that the world brings to his attention.

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