On the Seventh Day of Black History…..



My Blackness gave to me Corn Rows and Afros, ring curls and hot combs all inspired by Madame C.J. Walker and Annie Turnbo Malone
Raged out Afro puffs, twists, and braids and stuff
Up do’s and short cuts and such
My crown gives me much versatility
Waves and curls and swoops and swirls I rock this mane with much attitude and thanks to my ancestors Who paid the dues for Willow whipping her hair and India’s I Am Not My Hair but my hair is me
I am Free Straight, Natural naturally nappy, curled coiled hair Happy

Tresses woolly locks I rock on the seventh day of black history and to some my mane remains a Mystery
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1. Which note worthy African Americans where noted in the poem?

2. What contributions did they make to American society?

3. There are several different hair styles worn by African Americans. How many were mentioned in the poem? Now list seven of those styles and at least three more hair styles that are worn by African Americans?
4. Write a paragraph/essay on each one of the ladies explaining their contributions.

4 thoughts on “On the Seventh Day of Black History…..”

  1. Madame C.J. Walker and Annie Turnbo Malone where a couple african americans were talked about in the passage. they both contributed hot combs and the inspiration behind corn rows and puffs.Corn Rows, Afros, ring curls, Waves, twist, swoops and swirls were the seven hair styles talked about, and the top three worn by african americans, i believe, are swoops, ring curls and waves. Madame cj walker invented the htocomb, annie invented a hair care line that dosent damage your hair, and india gave young girls the confidence to wear thir natural hair.

  2. Madame C.J Walker was the worthy African American that was noted in the poem. The contributions were natural hair. There were fourstyles mentioned in the poem.

  3. I can wear my hair short, kinky, and curly or straight and long. It doesn't matter 'cause I've rocked them all….I am definitely not my hair.

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