2 thoughts on “Well-Read Chiefs’ Respond to November Blues”

  1. For November Blues I thought that that November would actually give up the baby. She has such a good future ahead of her, but because of the baby, she is will to give up her life for it. I think she was pretty brave to stand up for it, but if i was in her place, i would actually give up the baby because she has such a good future and because of a mistake, it's taking her life away. Though I'm glad she kept the baby in the end.

  2. I loved the book November Blues.November didn't give up her baby to Josh's parents.November's baby is getting better. Arielle don't have any friends. Jericho quit playing the trumpet and started playing football.In the end he started playing the trumpet again and Jericho started dateing Olivia. Jericho and November's friends helped her feel better about the whole situwation.Everything ended up kind of ok for the most part

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