Well-Read Chiefs’ Cafe Grand Opening-Just Another Hero

In this Post Well-Read Chiefs Cafe Grand Opening, Craigmont High & Just Another Hero

Well-Read Chiefs Cafe Grand Opening, Craigmont High

December 9, 2012 Well-Read Chief Book Club Members at Craigmont High School kicked off the grand opening of their brand new cafe. The Well-Read Chief Café, a component of the school–wide literacy plan and initiative to promote regular reading; and increase student achievement is housed in the Library Information Center of Craigmont High.

Tenth graders Jessica Morris and Kendall Davis did the honors of cutting the ribbon. The ceremony was awesome. The schools’ choir beautifully sang delightful Christmas favorites, under the direction of Music Instructor, Dr. Campbell. DanQuaisha Swain (book club secretary, 10th grade student), Twins Anh Truong and Anh Meteor Truong (11th grade student), and Rose Zeng (10th grade all book club members) hosted the event. Tondrea Spivey, our school literacy coach was in attendance distributing books and greeting tenth graders as they walked the red carpet, receiving books and delicious culinary treats.

The scrumptious, red velvet cake pastries and delectable bites of the sort were prepared by the Star Café, under the direction of Ms. Jarchella Miller, Culinary Arts Instructor.

Mr. Kelly, Technology Instructor/Coordinator acted as the paparazzi for the day, taking photos of all that dared to shine on the red carpet in the light of literacy.

Santa Clause (Vincent Tharpe, Parent Liaison) and Mrs. Clause (Gloria Lucas, PTO Chair) showed up with elves, Erma Maben and Josette Kelley, parent volunteers. This Red Carpet Reading event was in line with our Parade of Giving which was also held on the same day. We joined in giving the gift of literacy. The holiday themed program lead way to our Writers and Readers in Winter series.

Thank you all so much for participating in the 2011-2012 MCS RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) project. This was a great experience for our students to be exposed to and receive new and exciting FREE books. The mission was give the gift of literacy by creating a book fair for high school tenth graders and encourage them to read. Based on our tenth grade enrollment (245) we ordered a total of 810 high interest books and novels for our scholars to choose from. Every tenth grader will receive one free book at every RIF distribution date, totaling up to three books by the end of the school year.

Other news…

Well-Read Teens’ Respond to Sharon Draper’s Just Another Hero (the the final book in The Jericho Trilogy), December Selection.

We encourage you to get involved. Leave a comment, post your reflections and/or views on the selected title. Use the discussion topics on this site to aide in your writing process http://sharondraper.com/homework-bookdetail-guides.asp?id=25

Suggested titles are welcome.

~Literacy is Life~ Live!

Jeanine Jones

3 thoughts on “Well-Read Chiefs’ Cafe Grand Opening-Just Another Hero”

  1. I’ve finished series of the books “The Battle of Jericho”, the last book ” Just another hero” gave me intense moments as when I read it. Normally, for me able to finish the book, it'll take me a whole month to read it, but “Just another hero” was grapping me and I couldn't put it down. I love every single detail of this book, I love the brave of Eddie and how nice the girls are when they forgave Arielle . Arielle was acctually a nice girl, she just couldn't find the right way to express her feeling. The intense moment was at last when Crazy Jack held the gun to shot everywhere in the class room. It was so real and I could have imagined it as I watched T.V. Furthermore, by reading this series books, I become a book lover, I love to read now, I love the feeling of discovering what happen to the each character of it. People who already read this book should find some of this kind to read and for people who haven't read it yet, I am highly recommend.

  2. I'm glad that Arielle finally realized her mistake, and apologized to her friends. What I'm curious about is how can her step-father be so cruel. I understand he works at the bank, but I don't understand why he has to count out every singly penny they spend. That is a proof of no trust in them. I can also see how she changed by the way she believe in people. She believe in Osrick when he knew who stole the belongings of the students. I'm also shocked that it turned out to be a teacher, and even more shocked when Jack shut the whole senior class inside with his rifle due to probably metal stress. I was glad that people were able to stop him, and in the end the story turned out to be good.

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