Library Work 9/13-9/17

This week the work of my school librarian was actually working a lot out side of the library. The Librarian Information Specialist and I spent our time checking outdated and damaged equipment. We documented the information on a form and updated it to an excel sheet to report to the school board. We will continue with this type of process until all dis functional equipment has been labeled, entered into the electronic system and picked up by the school board. A librarian’s work is never done.

Collection Management and Organization, Day 1

Today I experienced my first encounter with Collection Management and Organization, “the class”. From my earlier post you realize that I missed an hour and a half of the class to present “The Importance of Reading” workshop at the Memphis Public Library with the notable “Mr. Chuck. Well, needless to say anyone who knows me knows that playing catch up is not my thing. I feel a sense of overwhelmth and frustration when I have to play catch up. And those that know me know that creativity is my thing. Not Organization! So why am I taking this class ? I’m glad you asked. I am presently studying to become the most efficient school librarian as possible, while teaching Reading to struggling ninth graders , producing a play and penning my first adolescent novel. On top of that I am a full time mom and wife, always. “I need this class!” is the only rational response I have.

My expectations are high.

From the Collections course in particular I expect to learn and apply knowledge and skills to assist me in meeting my goal of becoming the most efficient school librarian that I can be.