Library Work, 3/7/11-3/11/11

The monitors returned to audit Title I equipment (I thought we were done). The LIS was in and out of the library for most of the week. I continued to shelve books and assist students with their learning needs. The LIS and I reviewed and matched serial numbers and MCS numbers to classrooms and teachers. The task has been tedious and cumbersome. We will continue next week as I understand. We still need to account for other equipment in the school that is not funded by Title 1. It has been a challenging week with testing. One whole day the library was shut down and devoted to AMSI training (for the LIS) for the new electronics system and scanner for equipment. Our schools’ scanner is still not working. It has been sent back for repair. We are now preparing for end of year inventory approaching a deadline of May 6th. Spring break is looking better every day.